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Home Drinking Water Purification: A Billion-Dollar Business Opportunity


Americans and people in other developed countries want to improve the taste and odor of their drinking water, but are becoming more concerned about possible contamination--especially germs. Media coverage of disease outbreaks caused by municipally treated water has led to a desire for assurance that water is safe to drink. People have realized that some germs, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, can survive conventional municipal water treatment. Even water that is safe when it leaves the municipal treatment plant can become contaminated as it travels through miles of old or corroded pipes from treatment plants to homes.


Safe water is the major concern in less developed countries, where waterborne diseases and chemical contamination are more common than in developed countries. Water sources are often polluted even in large cities. Drinking unpurified water can be more than unpleasant: it can cause serious diseases or death. As people in less developed countries raise their standard of living, the growing middle class becomes more aware of how people in developed countries live. Their demand grows for good tasting, and safe, drinking water. Pure water could save tens of thousands of lives, ill health and loss of income.


Interest in healthier lifestyles in recent years has pushed bottled water sales in the U.S. alone to over $11 billion. But there are problems with bottled water. It is expensive, requires a trip to purchase, takes up storage space for full and empty bottles and it is inconvenient if you run out of water. Recalls can result from contamination. And recently, concern about climate change due to global warming has increased negative publicity about environmental issues. The bottles are made from scarce oil, a lot of energy is consumed and carbon dioxide generated in the manufacture and transportation of bottles and bottled water. And only about 20% of the empty bottles are recycled so waste and litter problems are created.


Ideally, consumers should be able to easily, quickly and inexpensively treat their own tap water with the same process used to make bottled water. Commercially, bottled water is made from city or spring water by filtration and treatment with ozone. Alab has developed patented technology for miniaturizing and reducing the cost of large expensive commercial equipment to be practical for use in counter top and under the counter water purification. Because ozone technology has been used for large municipal water treatment plants since the turn of the century its advantages for small residential water purifiers have been obvious. But others have tried (and failed) to adapt this technology to small, low-cost, reliable and easy to use home appliances. Even after millions of dollars spent for scientific and engineering studies on large systems, scaling down the process by about a thousand to one and adapting it for consumer use and mass production presented difficult problems. They said it couldn't be done, but we did it! This breakthrough technology can not only benefit consumers, but also benefit the environment by eliminating billions of water bottles.


To answer the worldwide need for good tasting and safe drinking water, ALAB, LLC, has developed, prototyped and patented QuickPure™ ozone technology. This technology breakthrough has made possible for the first time low-cost, small automatic electric water purifiers. These kitchen appliances make great tasting pure drinking water with a miniaturized version of the same process used to make all the bottled water in the U.S.


QuickPure™ C

QuickPure™ A


QuickPure™ purifiers do much more than filters; they kill all (not just some) germs as well as reducing chemical contaminants and improving taste and odor.

Fast and simple to operate, these table top appliances can purify 1 gallon for only 2 cents in 3 minutes!

The name QuickPure™ comes from quick, because it takes only three minutes, and pure because it really purifies.

After years of research and development, ALAB has now achieved the goal of miniaturizing and making economical  small drinking water purifiers using patented revolutionary QuickPure™ ozone technology. Operation can be completely automatic (controlled by electronic microcontrollers), no chemicals are added to the water, and no installation is required! Counter top products are ready for use right out of the box... plug and purify!

The importance of this technological achievement was recognized at the prestigious Hammacher Schlemmer Search For Invention contest, where ALAB was awarded First Place in the Personal Electronics Category. More than 350 contestants entered the contest with patented consumer products in four categories. A panel of judges singled out the QuickPure™ prototype for this honor. (For details click here.)

Bad Taste & Odor And Germs Removed; No Chemicals Added!

Depending on customer needs and preferences, QuickPure™ technology permits a broad range of features. For example, all designs use only a small amount of electric power which can be supplied by an electric cord, by replaceable or rechargeable batteries, or hand powered generators. Some designs have attractive bubble and bar-graph displays which show that the product is functioning properly. Typically, one gallon of raw water can be purified in 3-4 minutes by pushing a button, but units with different rates of purified water production can be designed. Some models may be adapted for very frequent use, or for use to purify cloudy, seriously polluted water. Convenience or appearance features may be modified or omitted in the interest of minimizing product cost.

The ozone process removes from water the bad taste, odor and many other water contaminants by oxidation, aeration and improved filtration. The process does not remove the minerals and dissolved air which keep the water from tasting flat. One reason ozone is used to treat essentially all the bottled (non-sparkling) water in America is the taste improvement. Consumers love the great taste of ozonated water!No chemicals are added to the water. QuickPure™ purifiers make ozone as needed from the oxygen in the air, and excess ozone is converted back into ordinary oxygen, so none leaves the purifier.



When is the last time you saw that headline? Unavailable anywhere until now, breakthrough technology makes every person in the world a Picture of Childrenpotential customer for small appliances to enhance quality of life, or, for many, make the difference between health and sickness or death. It is estimated that the world market is four times larger than the U.S. market. Electric consumption is low enough for battery operation. This is very important for the billions of people in countries with limited access to electric utility power. A proprietary advantage in a large and growing market. Competitive processes are not proprietary. Seven issued or pending broad U.S. patents plus foreign corresponding patents. These ALAB patents are broad and strong and believed to cover all practical applications of ozone for residential use. Ready for mass production, with R&D and prototypes completed. Attractive designs and bubble displays that sizzle. The technology is flexible so that changes in features and appearance can easily be made.

Worldwide highly profitable sales potential over $1 billion!

Consider the U.S. market alone:

  • Over $11 billion and growing approximately 10% annually. The U.S. home drinking water market is long term, not a temporary fad. The market potential is in the hundreds of millions of dollars if it were only a portion of the annual growth of the overall drinking water market
  • Advertising and media stories about healthy life styles and water problems have led to strong consumer demand for better quality drinking water. Stories about diseases spread by municipally-treated water have created a demand for products that kill germs.
  • Automatic water purifiers open up a whole new non-competitive, high-margin housewares category.  Now that consumers have "tasted" the benefits of filtration, they are ready to step up to the superior convenience and performance of a water purifier.
  • ALAB QuickPure™ ozone technology offers multiple product lines with a variety of features and price points to satisfy the residential, recreational (RV, camping and marine) and vacation home markets.

A QuickPure™ product design for every need and taste

Here's how the consumer advantages can be effectively advertised:

  • Ozone purifies water, killing all (not just some) germs, bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Under EPA rules it can be called a water purifier. Other water treatment systems are not purifiers.
  •  QuickPure™ uses the same process as for bottled water but at much lower consumer operating cost per gallon...under 2 cents a gallon compared to up to $1 a gallon for bottled water, and approximately 19 cents a gallon for pour through filters.
  • No installation; just plug and purify!
  •  Simple, easy to operate and fast. Just add water and press a button.
  •  Purified water while you wait rather than after an hour or more.
  • Water tastes good. Bad taste, odor, and many other water contaminants are removed, but minerals and dissolved air, which keep water from tasting flat, are retained. Beverages made with water purified by QuickPure™, such as coffee and tea, taste better. Taste improvement is why ozone is used to treat essentially all the bottled (non-sparkling) water in America. Consumers love the taste of ozonated water.
  • No chemicals are added to the water. Ozone is an activated form of oxygen made electrically, from air. Excess ozone is converted back into ordinary oxygen, so none leaves the purifier. Consumer impressions of the word ozone are generally favorable. The term activated oxygen is an attractive alternative.
  •  QuickPure™ has sizzle. Lighted indicators show 1) that the product is purifying and 2) when the filter needs to be changed. Lighted ozone bubble displays provide dramatic demonstrations of effective purifier operation.
  • Ozone is proven safe and effective. It is a very well established and proven technology approved by government regulators for both bottled water treatment and municipal water treatment. Large ozone systems have been used for treating the water in hundreds of cities, beginning over 100 years ago. Its municipal use has been growing because of much higher standards of disinfection required by the new Federal Safe Drinking Water legislation. It quickly kills tough micro-organisms like Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Legionella and viruses that are barely affected by chlorination. However, consumers still need protection from contamination in the miles of pipes between the treatment plants and their homes. What is new with QuickPure™ is that the ozone process has been successfully applied in small devices for use in homes. The only federal government approval required is EPA registration with submission of an independent test lab report. The EPA has established standards for the disinfection of municipal (not point-of-use) drinking water using ozone--standards based on concentration, time and temperature. QuickPure™ technology can exceed these EPA ozone standards.
  • Certification according to National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards and independent testing laboratory results can be helpful for advertising, and may be required in some states. Generally, advertising claims, especially health-related claims, should describe only test results obtained by independent (and preferably prestigious) testing laboratories.


Low cost, small automatic electric water purifiers make great tasting drinking water. Not a filter--rather, a miniaturized version of the system used for all bottled water in the U.S.

  • Kills all (not just a few) germs as well as reducing chemical contaminants.
  • No installation; add water and press button.
  • Fast and simple to operate to meet demands of today’s impatient consumer.
  • Affordable; purifies 1 gallon for only 2 cents in 3 minutes.
  • The effectiveness and safety of ozone water treatment has been demonstrated by a century of experience and is approved by government regulators.
  • Superior proprietary products with broad patent protection and a huge market.

If you are interested in manufacturing and marketing products using QuickPure™ patents and proprietary technology, please let us know. We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Email us at TechTransfer@urmc.rochester.edu

Please check the accuracy of your e-mail address; If you've not heard from us in 48 hours, please re-send!

Business Projections for the QuickPure™ Counter-top Water Purifiers (PDF, 86.9 KB)

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Under-the-Counter Bottled Water Appliance

QuickPure™ Under-the-Counter Water Purifier

The QuickPure™ Under-the-Counter water purifier is planned to deliver one-half gallon of purified water per minute through a small faucet conveniently located on a sink. Pressing a button near the tap operates the water purifier. An LED light signals that the water purifier is operating properly. Another LED indicates when the filter needs to be changed. The water purifier unit is connected to electric power, and by flexible plastic tubing to a water line and the faucet. The small purifier unit can be located under the counter, in a basement or other convenient location. This flowthrough unit will be somewhat larger and more expensive than a counter-top appliance, and requires installation.

The advantages of this system are: purified water can flow continuously as needed, there is no need to refill a reservoir, and it takes up almost no counter space. 

QuickPure™ Under-the-Counter Water Purifier


Business Projections for the QuickPure™ Flowthru Water Purifiers (PDF, 84.4 KB)

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The Automatic Water Purifier Model WP‑360 purifies up to 360 gallons of water per hour which is normally sufficient for all uses for a family of 6 or commercial use with ½” main water lines   For greater water flow requirements 2 or more Model WP‑360 units can be used in parallel. Purifier is usually connected so that all the water from the main line passes through the unit. See required accessories below. In a private water system it is usually connected in the line right after the pressure tank or sometimes between the pressure tank and water pump to provide a slightly higher peak flow rate. Purifier is suitable for water with bad taste, odor, color, iron, manganese, sulfur (hydrogen sulfide), oxidizable organic contaminates, gases, volatile contaminates, or bacteria and viruses. Not recommended for water with a total of more than 15 PPM iron, sulfur, organic matter, and other oxidizable contaminates. Such water may not be completely purified at the maximum 6 GPM flow rate and may require a lower flow rate, an ozone booster unit (Model WP-360), or additional purifiers in series. Does not remove excessive salt, sulfate, or other dissolved minerals.

Operation: Unit operates only when water is drawn from any tap in the system served. Time delay relay for minimum 5 minute purifying cycle per use. Electric valve prevents raw water from entering system except when unit is operating. Ozone is produced in unit by passing air through a corona generator. Part of the oxygen is converted to ozone and the mixture of air and ozone is then injected in the tank in fine bubbles. Water flow is countercurrent to ozone bubbles for high efficiency ozonation and water is simultaneously aerated for good taste and to remove gases and volatile contaminates. Permanent catalyst cartridge converts excess ozone back to oxygen.

Required Accessories: Water must be filtered to remove precipitated impurities with a separate filter, either Cartridge Filter Model CF‑360 or Automatic Filter Model AF installed in the water line after the purifier. If the water contains a total of more than 5 PPM iron, manganese, sulfur and organic matter, use the Automatic Filter instead of the Cartridge Filter to avoid too frequent cartridge changes. The Automatic Filter can also be used to save the inconvenience of periodically changing cartridges. Surface water or turbid water should be pre-filtered, in addition to post-filtering, using either the Automatic Filter or the Cartridge Filter, depending on the amount of dirt to be removed, in the water line before the purifier. In the case of cloudiness due to colloidal clay, use a cartridge filter, with a 0.5-micron cartridge instead of the regular 20 micron cartridge. This clay filter should follow the filter used after the purifier to prevent the fine filter from clogging too quickly. In a private water system the pressure tank must be reliable to prevent water logging which can damage the purifier. A pre-pressurized diaphragm type tank such as Alron Model PT is recommended.

Installation: Water line is cut and by‑pass valve installed which permits purifier to be connected or disconnected from water line by turning valve. The purifier and filter or filters are easily connected to the bypass valve with plastic tubing. The water is turned on and the power cord plugged into an electric receptacle. Unit should be plumbed in with acceptable rigid pipe where codes do not permit use of plastic tubing.

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If you are interested in manufacturing and marketing these products using QuickPure™ patents and proprietary technology, we are looking forward to hearing from you.  You can contact Alab by email to: TechTransfer@urmc.rochester.edu

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