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Bottled Water in a Box
A prototype countertop appliance that purifies water almost instantly is the first prize winner in the Hammacher Schlemmer "Search for Invention" national competition--in the "Personal Electronics" category. Developed by ALAB, LLC, a research, engineering and design company, this brand new technology was chosen from a field of hundreds of submissions and was awarded a prize of $1000.

ALAB's invention radically "shrinks" the technology used to purify and improve the taste of water. With ALAB's patented, miniaturized technology, a countertop appliance the size of a food processor could produce the equivalent of a bottle of water at a cost of only about two cents a gallon--a tiny fraction of its price at the supermarket.

Ozone is Generated Electrically

This technology uses ozone generated electrically from the air to kill protozoa, bacteria, and viruses and improve the water's taste. Until now, ozone water treatment has been a large-scale enterprise. More than 200 municipal water treatment facilities in the US use this method. In these plants, ozone-generating equipment is about the size of a railroad box car; while in water-bottling plants, ozone-generators are about the size of a refrigerator. The cost of such generators starts at approximately $5000 apiece.

Ozone, a form of oxygen, is about 100 times more powerful a disinfectant than chlorine. Ozone readily kills all common microorganisms, including chlorine-resistant ones such as cryptosporidium and giardia. In addition, ozone improves the taste of water, because it removes chlorine and oxidizes organic contaminants that cause taste problems. It also removes such impurities as iron and sulfur by precipitation after oxidation.

Almost all the bottled water sold in this country is treated with ozone because of its ability to improve purity and flavor.

Miniaturized Ozone Technology

ALAB has miniaturized ozone technology, so that its germ-killing potential can be tapped in small appliances. The first application envisioned is the purification of drinking water within the home, but there are many other possibilities, including an instant contact lens cleaner that runs on batteries, and other health care appliances.

Over 20 years went into the research and development effort to reduce the scale of conventional ozone technology. As a result, ALAB was able to shrink the process by a factor of about 1000, compared to municipal systems. Further reductions in scale were achieved by changing the ozone generation process itself.

The miniaturized ozone generator is only about one-quarter of the size and cost of a similar device based on conventional technology. This small-scale technology generates ozone with an electrical corona. ALAB has several patents protecting various features of the process, which is now available for licensing by manufacturers.

ALAB estimates that the water purifier could be sold for about $100 to $200 per unit. The life of a household unit is expected to be around 15 years.

How It Works

In one of the prototypes ALAB developed, the countertop appliance purifies up to a gallon of tap water. It pumps a thick column of sparkling, tiny ozone bubbles through the water in the reservoir. These pinpoint-sized bubbles dissolve ozone rapidly in the water, killing all the microorganisms present in the reservoir. After three minutes, the purification process is complete, the bubbles stop, and the device pumps the purified water into a pitcher. In another prototype, the appliance begins pumping purified water directly into the pitcher almost immediately after the button is pushed. In both models, the ozone is converted back to oxygen with a catalyst.

Both prototypes contain an activated carbon filter. Thus, the process that ALAB calls "QuickPure" provides both the purification and taste improvement of ozone and the benefits of regular water filters. With either model, the consumer simply plugs the appliance into a standard electrical outlet, pours tap water into the appliance's reservoir, turns on the switch, and waits for purified water to be pumped into a pitcher. The water can be drunk immediately or stored or refrigerated for later consumption.

The key advantage of such an appliance would be limitless supplies of good tasting, pure water, at a small fraction of the cost of bottled water. There is no need to carry heavy bottles and no risk of running out in an emergency. Bottled water costs around $1 a gallon, while a gallon of water purified in this way costs about two cents.

Other Applications

In many areas of the world, safe drinking water is in short supply. Because this new technology works on a small scale generating ozone to purify water and only needs small amounts of electricity, "QuickPure" could be very helpful in such places. Alternatively, these appliances could operate on batteries in areas where electric power is unavailable or unreliable. Additional information about the process, as well as technical details are given at the ALAB Web site:

--Poptronics Magazine--

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Patent granted for home ozone purifier
ALAB, LLC, has been granted a patent for a residential water purifier using ozone that produces the equivalent of bottled water for about two cents a gallon.

ALAB has reduced the scale of its ozone technology to fit in an appliance the size of a food processor, partially achieved by changing the process by which the ozone is generated. The new purifier is about one-quarter of the size and cost of a similar device based on conventional technology, and would sell for about $100 to $200 each.

The new purifier makes ozone technology that has previously been restricted because of size and cost more practical for home use. Like its commercial-sized counterpart, the unit uses ozone to kill bacteria, protozoa and viruses as well as improve taste.

The patent covers several aspects of the purifier, including safety features that keep ozone, which can be dangerous to human respiratory systems over prolonged exposure, from escaping into the atmosphere. The company has secured four previous patents that protect other features of its prototypes.

--Water Technology Magazine Online--

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Bubbles vs. Bugs in Your Tap Water
Water so pure and clean you'll swear it's from an alpine spring may soon be available from your kitchen faucet. ALAB, a research and design company in Pittsford, N.Y., has developed and patented a technology that, for pennies a gallon, can make even New Jersey water taste like Evian.

An ALAB researcher has devised a way to miniaturize ozone purification, the detoxification process used by most municipal water-treatment facilities. Ozone, a form of oxygen, is a powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses, thus improving the taste of the water. Until ALAB's device, such treatments were large-scale enterprises requiring costly ozone generators as big as railroad box cars. But ALAB has devised a way to shrink the technology so it fits in a device the size of a food processor.

The ALAB generator, which has a 15-year lifespan, works by pumping a dense column of tiny ozone bubbles through a one-gallon tank of water. The bubbles quickly dissolve, killing any germs present. ALAB plans on developing several ozone generators that will retail from $80 to $300. And best of all, there won't be any messy filters to change.

--Businessweek Magazine--

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Making Ozone User Friendly
As disinfectants go it's hard to beat ozone (O3), an unstable form of oxygen. Ozone would be more widely used in water purification if it were not for one problem: it doesn't last. It has to be made on the spot, using equipment that is bulky and costly.

ALAB, of Pittsford, NY, ( has built prototypes of several generators that make ozone production more user friendly. An electric corona discharge creates the ozone, which is then bubbled through a column of water.

An ALAB spokesman estimates that its kitchen counter system would cost between $100 and $200 and be able to disinfect and filter water for about 2 cents per gallon, while also improving its taste.

Looking beyond drinking water, the company has prototyped a miniature version that cleans contact lenses without the use of chemicals.

(caption on picture of Contact Lens Cleaner prototype: "Contact lenses could be cleaned in just 3 minutes")

--Popular Mechanics Magazine Technology Watch--

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The Discovery Ozone
Pittsford, NY -- A water purifier invented by ALAB, LLC, was featured last week as a semi-finalist in Hammacher Schlemmer's "Search for Invention" contest.

Tagged "Bottled Water in a Box," the unit was one of 20 inventions recognized by the specialty retailer.

Meanwhile, ALAB is seeking a manufacturer to turn its working prototype into a mass-produced product for national and global distribution. ALAB is currently in negotiations with several manufacturers.

Sure, there are numerous water filtration products already on the market, a company spokeswoman said. But ALAB's filtration unit uses advanced technology.

The water filtration unit uses ozonation--the same process that bottled water makers and municipalities use to purify water. Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that can kill harmful micro-organisms in water. Ozone generators at water bottling plants are about the size of a refrigerator.

ALAB reduced the scale of this technology to a countertop-sized unit that is designed to kill micro-organisms--including Cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia cysts--as well as remove chlorine. The system also removes iron and sulfur, thereby improving the taste of water.

The ALAB spokeswoman said the unit will probably have a retail pricepoint between $75 and $200. The contest recognizes inventions for home, car, garden and lawn.

--Home Furnishing News Magazine--

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Hammacher Schlemmer Search for Invention
Winners Announced

NEW YORK, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Hammacher Schlemmer today announced the winners of SEARCH for INVENTION, a national inventor's competition designed to discover the best new consumer products. The announcement was made in the retailer's flagship store in Manhattan on 57th Street.

Winning Invention of Personal Electronics Category ($1,000)
-- Product: QuickPure™ Water Purifier
-- Inventor: ALAB, LLC.

More than 350 entries were narrowed down to 18 semifinalists.

To be considered for the competition, the product needed to fall into one of the following four categories: recreation, personal care, utilitarian home/garden and personal electronics. In addition, inventions needed to have patents, working or non-working prototypes, and be designed for general consumer, not industrial or trade use.

A panel of five judges reviewed the eighteen semifinalists to select the winners. The judging panel included: Consumer product specialist Suzanne Kantra Kirschner, New Products On-Line Editor for Popular Science Magazine; Barbara Burnes, co-founder and administrator of the Ideas, Inventions & Innovation Forum on CompuServe; Ed Curran, creator of "Technogadgets" heard on United Airlines and high tech contributor for WGN-TV News; Dick DeBartolo, The Gizmo Wizard for MAD Magazine; and Tomima Edmark, entrepreneurial expert and founder of The TopsyTail Company. Hammacher Schlemmer is the nation's longest continuously published catalog and has been introducing high quality, innovative products to further the lifestyle of American consumers. The company also operates retail stores in New York City, Chicago and Beverly Hills, has a web site at (AOL keyword: Hammacher).

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Tiny Bubbles
Ozone equipment has always been bulky and expensive, making it impractical for most homes. But ALAB hopes to change that with a unit the size of a food processor. Its QuickPure™ prototype system plugs into a standard wall outlet and is filled with water from the tap. It purifies a gallon of water in 3 minutes.

Ozone removes all contaminants--viruses, bacteria and germs. Until now, the only way to do this in the home was to boil the water.

With QuickPure™, a pair of charged plates generate a field of electrons, called a corona discharge. The corona breaks oxygen molecules from the air into oxygen ions, which combine with other oxygen molecules to make ozone. A diffuser mixes the ozone with the water in the form of tiny bubbles. The ozone then looks for targets to oxidize, whether they be organic compounds or microorganisms. After contaminants have been oxidized, they can be filtered. Making ALAB's downsizing possible is a diffuser that shrinks the diameter of the bubbles from 3 to 0.5 millimeters.

ALAB is now looking for manufacturers.

--Charles Wardell, in Popular Science Magazine Home Technology Section--

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Honey, I Shrunk the Bottling Plant
ALAB LLC has devised a water-treatment appliance that uses a miniaturized ozone generator and new ozone dissolving technology to purify and improve the taste of water. The counter-top device generates high concentrations of ozone by passing air through a corona discharge. The discharge is produced by applying a voltage between two electrodes that are separated by a dielectric sheet and an air gap.

--R&D Magazine--

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Tabletop ozone prototype
ALAB LLC has developed new technology that miniaturizes ozone production for use in an appliance the size of a food processor. The miniaturized ozone generator is only about one-fourth the size and cost of a similar device based on conventional technology. This small-scale technology generates ozone with an electrical corona. First applications include a purification system for drinking water within the home, an instant contact lens cleaner that runs on batteries and other personal health care appliances. A lifespan around 15 years is projected. Several patents protect this technology.

--Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine--

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